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Top 3 Places to Shop for Clearance Maternity Clothes

August 28, 2013 − by Becca Daniels − in Deals, Maternity Clothes, Online Shopping, Stores − Comments Off on Top 3 Places to Shop for Clearance Maternity Clothes

As if you didn’t already know…I love a good bargain. I want to look good but spend as little as I can get away with while building my fabulous maternity wardrobe! Finding clearance maternity clothes is one of my secrets to looking great thought my pregnancy while staying on a strict budget. Here is a list of my favorite places to find these awesome deals:

  1. Motherhood Maternity has a wide variety of maternity wear. Unfortunately, I am convinced that they overcharge for the quality of their merchandise. Luckily they have frequent sale and clearance events. My strategy is to never buy a piece of clothing as soon as it is released into the line. This is when the price is at its highest. Usually if you wait just a few weeks, new items will be added to some kind of a deal. Maybe a buy one get one promotion or a buy three get one promotion…so on and so forth. Earlier this summer I was looking for a specific pair of cargo pants. They were originally $50. I waited for a few weeks and not only were these pants down to $35, they were also on a buy two get one half off promotion. Eventually, Motherhood adds all their merchandise to a clearance rack. Check that out frequently. I have had lots of luck finding clearance maternity clothes there. Like Many stores, Motherhood offers to sign you up for their e-newsletter. Definitely sign up if you want to receive frequent alerts about sale and clearance events.
  2. Target has a decent maternity line. Like most retailers, their online selection is more diverse than their in-store selection. Target also frequently clearances out their pregnancy wear. You can find all of their clearance maternity clothes HERE. Also, Target has tons of online coupons. Very frequently you can find additional discounts for maternity wear there (coupons.target.com)
  3. As usual Zulily is on my list for best places to find cheap maternity wear. I think of them kind of like the online version of TJMaxx, Home Goods and Marshall’s. Zulily carries high end women’s and children’s clothing and accessories as well as stuff for the home and toys for kids. Quantities, colors and sizes are limited and returns are not accepted in exchange for up to 90% off luxury brands.

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