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The Bella Band: A Pregnancy Wardrobe Essential

November 16, 2013 − by Becca Daniels − in Jeans, Maternity Clothes, post-partum, Reviews, Wardrobe − Comments Off on The Bella Band: A Pregnancy Wardrobe Essential

In my experience, the first piece of clothing that stops fitting when you become pregnant is your pants.  Long before your baby bump becomes visible, your pants, particularly your jeans, will start feeling incredibly tight. This happened to me and time and time again I hear women pondering this phenomenon. Most pregnant women want to delay buying maternity pants for as long as possible. This is where the Bella Band comes in.

The Bella Band is on my list of pregnancy essentials. It come is many colors and trims. It’s basically a long stretchy rubber band that is meant to be worn over unbuttoned pants. You then layer a nice top over your pants and the Bella Band provides a nice extension to your top. As your bump grows, the Bella Band keeps your un-buttoned pants in place and keeps everything looking nice and put together.

This is a temporary solution that will most likely not last you through the whole duration of your pregnancy. Eventually you will need to suck it up and purchase maternity pants. However, the Bella Band will become even more valuable to you post-partum. Your pre-pregnancy pants will not fit you for a while but I promise that your maternity pants will make you want to gag. What’s the solution? You can go out and buy all new pants. You won’t want to spend your money on a temporary solution if you are close to your pre-pregnancy weight or working on getting back into your old size. Bella Band to the rescue! Wear it once again with your pre-pregnancy pants and look and feel fabulous!

Not only is the Bella Band a useful investment into your self-esteem while you are pregnant and post-partum, it’s also a great way to save money by not investing into temporary clothing items. This is why the Bella Band makes my list of pregnancy essentials.


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