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Target Maternity Clothes Review

March 10, 2014 − by Becca Daniels − in Reviews, Stores, Wardrobe − Comments Off on Target Maternity Clothes Review

Not all maternity clothing was created equal and the same can certainly be said about stores selling maternity clothes. If you’ve been following me for a while you know that I am the expert in dressing stylishly on a tight budget. Just because something is crazy expensive, it doesn’t mean it’s made out of quality materials and provides a good values. On the flip side, not all cheap things are destined for quick retirement to the dumpster. In this latest series, I am setting out to review maternity and nursing clothing by store/ brand. I’ve already reviewed Zulily and Figure 8 Maternity. Now its Target’s turn to go under my microscope.

Target prides itself on partnering with a variety of high fashion designers for the purposes of making fashionable clothing more affordable to the public. Liz Lang Maternity is an example of such a partnership. Liz Lang stated as a one woman maternity clothing designer back in 1997. By 2001, she had boutique stores on Madison Avenue in New York and Beverly Hills and was starting to be the go to maternity stylist to celebrities. Liz Lang launched an exclusive collection for Target in 2003. Target carries a handful of maternity brands with an overwhelming majority of clothing designed my Liz Lang or Merona for Target.

Items I have purchased from Target’s maternity clothing line include: Maternity dresses, maternity swimwear and maternity t-shirts, maternity blouses (Liz Lang for Target and Merona for Target.)

Quality: On a five point scale, probably 4 out of 5 for the Liz Lang line, 2.5 for everything else. I feel the same way about all of Target’s Merona and non-designer clothing. I find that it doesn’t last as long as I would like. I have 2 regular maternity t-shirts, 2 Liz Lang t-shirts, and a Liz Lang blouse. The regular t-shirts started losing their shape after 2 washes. The Liz Lang tops held together for the duration of my pregnancy. In fact, they stayed in such great condition, I wore them postpartum and then sold them at my local maternity consignment shop.

Price: 3 out of 5. I have a super hard time paying $15 or $20 for plain cotton t-shirts even if they are considered maternity wear. Even though I say this, I still consider Target a great destination for maternity clothing on a budget because they have frequently stocked sale and clearance racks. Target also frequently has excellent coupons for maternity wear online and on their Cartwheel app. (If you are a frequent Target shopper, I HIGHLY suggest checking out this app! I have saved almost $100 on things I was going to purchase anyway since my son was born 4 months ago.)

Style: Target is always trying to appeal to the young and hip fashionista inside each one of us. That and Liz Lang dresses celebrities so you know you won’t be purchasing something your grandmother would understand.

Fit: I am a curvy girl, pre-pregnancy size 8/10 with a 36DD chest size. I always tried shopping at Target. I like the idea of their clothes but often find (now more than ever, post baby and all) that the majority of their clothes is cut for skinny, less curvy women. I was actually pleasantly surprised to find a variety of maternity dresses, tops, and swimwear that flattered my figure. I can’t say the same about the bottoms.

Selection: As always, in store colors and sizes are way more limited than the online selection. I found myself trying something on in the store, then ordering the same thing in a color only available online on more than one occasion.

Sizing: Target’s merchandise extends into plus size maternity clothing up to 2XL. Again, more options online. My Target maternity T’s were smaller than my Liz Lang for Target t’s of the same size so beware of that. Just because you tried on a medium, it doesn’t mean all mediums will work out.

Return Policy: Pretty Standard- bring back your unused item with the receipt or packing slip (if purchased online) within 90 days for a full refund. No receipt- you will receive store credit in the amount that item is currently selling for at the store.

In conclusion, Target is definitely worth a shot for your pregnancy closet update needs.

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