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Super Creative Sign-in Idea for Baby Showers

October 21, 2013 − by Becca Daniels − in Baby Shower Ideas − Comments Off on Super Creative Sign-in Idea for Baby Showers

I think it’s super sweet anytime you can create a special keepsake for baby before baby is even born. Having a baby comes with a whole slew of additional stuff you now have to find room for. This is why in my opinion, practical gifts are the best. It’s great to receive or make special keepsakes for baby that have practical functions instead of random trinkets that will clutter up space before being forgotten. This is why I love this super creative sign-in idea for baby showers. Guests honoring mom and baby at a baby shower can sign in and leave a special message for baby on a onesie that she or he can later wear. You can find the directions for this craft here.

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