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Summer Maternity Clothing Essentials

June 09, 2014 − by Becca Daniels − in Maternity Clothes, Online Shopping, Stores, Wardrobe − Comments Off on Summer Maternity Clothing Essentials

It’s finally warm enough to talk about SUMMER!!!!! I love summer clothing, I love being barefoot, and I love not having to layer for warmth! Last summer I was in my third trimester of pregnancy. I was huge, swollen, sweaty and very uncomfortable in the record breaking heat waves we were experiencing. Since I am a glass full kind of girl, I chalk all of that up to a great learning experience. I am now an expert on summer maternity clothing essentials. Here is what I learned:


Although all of my clothes fit well, my body always felt claustrophobic in my clothes. I frequently ended up wearing my husband’s oversized loungewear. To give you an idea of how uncomfortable I was, I am a medium, he is a XXL. Too bad I couldn’t go out in public wearing hubby’s hand me downs. So based on my experience, here is my list of summer maternity clothing essentials:



Dresses ended up being the most comfortable clothing to wear in public. Specifically, cotton dresses with straps. These are beyond comfortable, easy to wash and best of all, you can wear your favorite comfy bras underneath. Most of the dresses can be dressed down or up for occasions with shoes and accessories which makes them a budget conscious purchase. Several maternity dress designers make dresses that can be worn during and after pregnancy. They are the best purchase because they save you from spending more money on transitional or nursing clothes after you deliver. Check out this article for more details on such dresses and where to find them: Little Black Dress Pregnancy/ Nursing Edition: Pregnancy Wardrobe Essential


Basic Tees and Tanks

Basic tees and tanks are absolutely essential. Be sure to buy extra long tops because as your belly grows, most of your tops will become too short. Most maternity shops sell basic tees and tanks for crazy prices. A cotton t-shirt for $40? That is just crazy. I had really great luck finding reasonably priced basics at Target and Motherhood maternity. I usually complain about the quality of clothing items at both of these retailers but I have to say that I still wear the tanks I got over a year ago on a daily basis. Some of them also work incredibly well for nursing wear and most of the convert well into nursing clothes. Check out my Round-Up of the Best DIY Tutorials for Nursing Clothes on the Web


Maternity Swimwear

Swimwear is a year round pregnancy wardrobe staple! Finding the right, budget conscious maternity swimsuit is hard! Check out  How to Find Flattering Maternity Swimwear While Staying Within a Budget. My favorite maternity swimsuit is Ingrid & Isabel Ruched Tankini Infinite Fit Bathing Suit. Its designed to fit you through your whole pregnancy and after you have your baby which makes it another budget conscious pick.


Comfortable Sandals

Sandals are a must have! Swollen, hot, pregnant feet need comfortable but stunning shoes. I’ve been obsessed with shoes since watching Sex in the City as a teen. Comfortable shoes were not a concern of mine until last summer. I had to trade in my gorgeous summer heels for more sensible options. I wrote about it here: Finding Stylish Maternity Shoes

You will notice I never mentioned anything about maternity shorts, skirts, etc. I hated all of them. They make me claustrophobic. I really wanted to be in a cotton dress or naked at all times. Just wear whatever makes you comfortable!

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