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Where to Find Sexy Nursing Bras and Sexy Maternity Bras

February 10, 2014 − by Becca Daniels − in Bras, Maternity Clothes, Nursing, Online Shopping − No Comments

Valentine’s day is on Friday so I thought it was about time to write about finding sexy nursing and maternity bras. I don’t know about you but I am very picky about my bras and panties. A decade ago, I worked at Victoria’s Secret which is where my pickiness of undergarments began. First of all, I have a large chest that only got larger when I was pregnant and stayed that size now that I am nursing. I always needed bras with extra support and even before I was pregnant my sexy bra options were more limited than I would have liked. I refuse to wear boring undergarments! Even if no one sees my underwear, I feel more confident wearing something special. This couldn’t be any truer during pregnancy and now nursing when I already feel self-conscious.

Before getting pregnant I was a very curvy 36DD as my baby bump grew so did my chest. Towards the end of my pregnancy I was almost a 38DDD which I definitely became when I started nursing. I had a very nasty opinion about nursing bras before I was pregnant. I still feel that most maternity and nursing bras resemble something my 80 year old grandmother would wear but there are a few options out there.

Here is a list of places that sell maternity and nursing bras that don’t make me think of my grandmother.

Cake Lingerie designs and sells nursing bras and maternity lingerie! They offer a wide variety of styles and colors as well as plus sizes!

Figure 8 Maternity is one of my favorite online maternity clothing stores (read my review here). They carry a variety or maternity and nursing bra designers including Cake Lingerie.

Zulily is my favorite place to find high end maternity fashion at a fraction of the price (read my review here). They frequently feature nursing bras from a variety of designers including Cake Lingerie.

Envie De Fraises is a French maternity and nursing designer now available in the US. I love their clothes! In fact, check back next week for my official review and product giveaway from this designer!

Victoria’s Secret unfortunately doesn’t have nursing bras. I really wish they did! What they do have are a couple of stunning and comfortable front closure bras that many nursing mothers including myself can’t get enough of. Here is a list of all the front closure bras this retailer offers.

Maternity lingerie and nursing bras can be quite spendy. Here is my list of tips on ways to save while updating your bras.

-Your chest will keep growing through your pregnancy and later when your milk comes in. For the sake of your bank account, it’s impractical to keep changing sizes. Consult with a knowledgeable salesperson to find out exactly what your current size is and buy a bra with just a bit more room in it knowing that you will grow into it.

-Instead of buying maternity bras then nursing bras, upgrade to nursing bras when you are pregnant so you don’t have to buy two sets of bras.

-I am picky about my style but in the early days of nursing, when you are stuck at home and feeding baby every two hours, nothing beats a simple sports bra. They are cheap, low maintenance and so easy for those frequent feedings.