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Round Up of the Best DIY Tutorials for Nursing Bras, Nursing Tanks and Nursing T-shirts on the Web

March 17, 2014 − by Becca Daniels − in Deals, Maternity Clothes, Nursing − Comments Off on Round Up of the Best DIY Tutorials for Nursing Bras, Nursing Tanks and Nursing T-shirts on the Web

Ok seriously, if you thought that maternity wear was expensive, nursing clothing is outrageously expensive. It’s unbelievable! On top of that, the quality and style options are seriously limited. Don’t even get me started on how ridiculously frumpy most nursing bras are. Gross! (By the way, if you are looking for sexy nursing bras or at least ones that don’t make you think of your grandmother, I recently devoted an entire post to that: Where to Find Sexy Nursing Bras and Maternity Bras). Luckily, there are MANY brilliant and talented mammas out on the internet that have created fantastic tutorials for DIY nursing essentials.

Here are my top pics for DIY nursing wear:

1. DIY Nursing Bra:

DIY Nursing Bra

Halleluiah! DIY: The ‘Uncrafty’ Mom’s Nursing Bra Conversion is an AMAZING and super easy DIY nursing bra tutorial. This tutorial is perfect for any woman who would love to keep wearing her old beloved bras while nursing. I especially love this tutorial because it doesn’t require sewing skills (unfortunately sewing is not one of my many talents). Jenni Buckley is my hero for writing this! I only wish I would have found these instructions sooner.

2. DIY Hands Free Nursing Bra:

DIY Hands Free Nursing Bra

Having your hands free during pumping sessions is priceless! Hands free pumping bras are expensive fabric bands with cut out wholes. This item is a serious money drain especially considering how beyond simple it is to make your own hands fee nursing bra out of any old sports bra. Again, this project requires no artistic talents. And just in case you are curious, this is how I pump. For details and instructions check out: How to Make Your Own Hands Free Nursing Bra on the Cheap

3. DIY Nursing Tank Top:

DIY Nursing Tank Top

I practically live in tank tops. I wear them every day layered under other tops. I found out that nursing tanks ran at around $40 which is insanely expensive especially considering I would need 10 of them in various colors. This DIY nursing tank top tutorial was super helpful and even though it requires some sewing, it was easy enough that even the most ungifted sewers like myself would have no trouble. Instructions here: DIY Nursing Tank/ Cami in under 10 Mins. and Belly Band Too!

4. DIY Nursing T-Shirt:

 DIY Nursing T-Shirt

I LOVE clothing that converts well from pregnancy to nursing. There is no better way to save money on clothing updates than get items that will serve you through several transitions. This is why I love this tutorial for The Deep Vee Nursing & Maternity Tunic. This one does require some sewing skills.

5. DIY Maternity Dress/ Nursing Dress:

DIY Maternity Dress/ Nursing Dress

This dress is not only stunning and comfortable, it also converts wonderfully from pregnancy to nursing wear. Find instructions here: The Turn About the Room Dress

6. DIY Nursing Shawl:

DIY Nursing Shawl

This nursing shawl is perfect for a busy, on the go nursing mom. Did I mention it’s so simple to make that even I figured it out? Here is the tutorial: DYI Modern Nursing Shawl (SEW ONE LINE!)

7. DIY Nursing Cover:

DIY Nursing Cover

This item is an absolute MUST have for any breastfeeding mother who plans on feeding baby outside the home. These covers can run you an average of $40 luckily, they are super easy to make yourself! Instructions: Nursing Cover Tutorial

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