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The Ultimate List of Retailers Offering Maternity Clothes for Sale

September 25, 2013 − by Becca Daniels − in Maternity Clothes, Online Shopping, Stores, Wardrobe − Comments Off on The Ultimate List of Retailers Offering Maternity Clothes for Sale

Believe it or not, many retailers offer maternity clothes for sale. I think most of them don’t bother advertising this much because I have noticed that most 1st time mommas panic about updating their wardrobe when they hear the great news. On top of that, a dark stigma surrounds maternity wear. Not so long ago, maternity clothing options were limited to shapeless garments with wholes for your limbs. Expecting mothers are lucky today because maternity fashion has come a long way and your dressing options are almost endless. Here is my ultimate list of retailers offering pregnancy wear.

Stylish/ Fashion Forward:

ASOS: An online fashion and beauty mega house out of the UK offering a wide variety of pregnancy wear

Zulily: I am obsessed! They offer designer lines for moms and babies for up to 90% off.

H&M: Fashionable clothing at reasonable prices. Who doesn’t love that? H&M recently announced they will be offering maternity clothes for sale online!

Great for stocking up on basics:

Motherhood Maternity: Offers everything workout clothes to office appropriate attire. Has frequent sale and clearance events so there is really no need to buy anything at full price. Sign up for their e-newsletter and know when all of the items you need go on sale.

A Pea in The Pod: Motherhood’s higher end line. Can also be found in Macy’s stores.

Target:  Target strives to provide affordable fashion by partnering with world famous designers. Liz Lang designs the majority of Target’s maternity line. Her designs are super cute, versatile and comfortable. You will find more styles, colors and sizes online.

Old Navy: Affordable basics, fun prints and even swimwear. Available in select retail locations and online.

Gap: Higher end basics. These are for Gap lovers like myself who can’t fathom how they are going to go without their Gap Body and workout wear for 9 months. Available in select retail locations and online.

Great for the Office:

The Loft: You will most likely find office appropriate pregnancy clothes at most of the retailers listed here, however, if you are already a fan of The Loft. You will love the options they

Isabella Oliver: This store offers lovely classic fashion for expectant mothers. I promise you will fall in love!

Variety- basics to workout clothes and everything in between


Motherhood Maternity

Figure 8 Maternity: This store carries a wide variety of maternity and post-partum wardrobe items from different companies like Isabella Oliver. They have a really awesome newsletter that will only send you information for the duration of your pregnancy. Also, if Figure8Maternity is ever out of an item that you are interested in, they will e-mail you when that item is back in stock. Each time you make a purchase, you earn rewards points that can be used towards your next purchase.

-Maternity consignment shops: There are plenty of maternity wear consignment shops around. Most accept only gently used clothes. Of course they are gently used, most pregnancy wear items are only worn for a few months. Use your favorite search engine to find a maternity consignment shop in your area. There are also several online. Check out Super Inexpensive Maternity Clothes from Small Feet Big World

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