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Pamper Mom-To-Be with the New Mommy Survival Kit

November 07, 2013 − by Becca Daniels − in Baby Shower Ideas − Comments Off on Pamper Mom-To-Be with the New Mommy Survival Kit

I recently posted about how awesome the Daddy Doody Kit is for a baby shower gift. Well, it’s time to do something creative for mom. This new mom survival kit is filled with essentials that a mom to be will need but she doesn’t know it yet. A girlfriend of mine gave me a labor kit filled with candy, Chap Stick, breath mints, trashy magazines and cute fuzzy slippers. I used all of these items at the hospital with great pleasure yet in the chaos of prepping for a baby, I would have never thought of, or would even bother getting myself these simple pleasures. Find ideas on what to put in the New Mommy Survival Kit here.

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