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Losing Baby Weight and What to Wear While You are Shedding Pounds

June 03, 2014 − by Becca Daniels − in Maternity Clothes, Nursing, post-partum, Wardrobe − Comments Off on Losing Baby Weight and What to Wear While You are Shedding Pounds

My baby is now 8 months old and I am finally ready to talk about a very sensitive subject that is near and dear to my heart- losing baby weight. I have not lost all of mine, I have exactly 3 pounds to go! This has not been an easy journey, it would have been easier had I known then what I know now.

In my first trimester, my doctors kept telling me that I should be gaining 20-25 pounds for a healthy pregnancy. I had pretty bad food aversion for the first two trimesters. I actually lost weight in the beginning. I was excited because I actually thought that since I was losing weight, I wouldn’t end up putting on that much. As it turns out, I actually put on a total of 30 pounds by the time it was all said and done. Two weeks after giving birth, my body was a total mess but I weighed 20 pounds lighter. I was once again excited thinking that 10 pounds isn’t a lot to lose. I didn’t watch my diet and obviously didn’t exercise. I was nursing and hungry. Baby had reflux and couldn’t sleep without being held so granola bars became my go-to snack. I could eat them with my hand and not make a mess.

To make a long story short, I didn’t lose any more weight. I tried going to the gym 3 times per week but often didn’t have energy or a baby-sitter. I realized the I needed quick workouts at home. I’ve tried working out at home before and I am not a fan!!! I loke group classes where an instructor runs through specific exercises. I put my gym membership on hold and started scouring the web for quick and effective at home workouts.

How I Started Losing Baby Weight

To my surprise, I stumbled upon Brianna Christine’s 90 Day Bikini Body Mommy Challenge. It’s 13 weeks of workouts: 6 workouts per week, 3 cardio, 3 strength. Every workout is under 20 minutes long and they are all FREE. You can start whenever you want. Day one of the challenge can be found here. There is a weekly meal plan that goes along with this diet. I believe it is based on the Slow Carb Diet. I just modified what I eat to fit into the Slow Carb Diet principles. I’ve been working out after my son’s afternoon nap. He loves to watch mamma do pushups and thinks its the funniest thing ever! After a month on the Bikini Body Mommy challenge, I lost 7 pounds of baby weight and it was easy!

If you are actively working on losing baby weight, I recommend that you make due with your maternity clothes until you are close to your goal. There is no point in wasting money on yet another temporary wardrobe. I go into a lot more depth on the subject here. If you are nursing and working on losing baby weight, consider converting some of your maternity wear to nursing clothes.

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