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Little Black Dress Pregnancy/ Nursing Edition: Pregnancy Wardrobe Essential

May 12, 2014 − by Becca Daniels − in Nursing, post-partum, Wardrobe − Comments Off on Little Black Dress Pregnancy/ Nursing Edition: Pregnancy Wardrobe Essential

The Little Black Dress has been a wardrobe staple for every self-respecting women since first introduced by Coco Chanel in the 1920’s. In my opinion, it’s a crucial wardrobe component for every stylish mom-to-be. By now you know that I am a HUGE fan of pregnancy wear that serves multiple purposes. Instead of buying separate pregnancy dresses for work, dates and special occasions, you can invest into just one!!! Simple accessories will help you get many uses out of one dress. Not only is the Little Black Dress timeless and classic, it’s also super budget friendly!

But wait…!!! Don’t just buy any pregnancy black dress! Buy one that will flatter your pregnant figure and fit well when you are nursing and working on losing the baby weight. I really love this Toni Sleeveless Nursing Dress from Figure 8 Maternity. It’s an “Infinite Fit” dress is designed to be “worn during and after pregnancy”.



In fact, when you purchase maternity wear, consider what you will be wearing when baby arrives. It’s the sad truth that most new mom’s bodies do not bounce back to pre-pregnancy shape and size without time and effort, unless you are one of the lucky few that the rest of us envy. You will need something to wear and chances are you will feel bad investing into yet another temporary wardrobe. Here are more maternity wear items that offer “Infinite Fit”. And in case you are wondering if Figure 8 Maternity is worth shopping at check out my review of this maternity

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