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How To Find Flattering Maternity Swimwear While Staying Within a Budget.

April 29, 2013 − by Becca Daniels − in Maternity Clothes, Online Shopping, Swimwear − Comments Off on How To Find Flattering Maternity Swimwear While Staying Within a Budget.

As if finding the perfect swimsuit was easy before, now your challenge is finding a comfy one that will fit your growing baby bump and not make you look and feel like a beached whale. On top of all of that, women’s swimwear is traditionally an expensive investment and you are focusing on saving for your soon to be here mini-me. I recently went through one heck of a time trying to find maternity swimwear for myself and not have to sell my first (future) newborn to afford it! Yes I know I am being facetious but seriously, I needed a swimsuit for the gym that would fit me well now and grow with me for the next five months while at the same time, I wanted to spend under $50. If you’ve been swimwear shopping anytime in the last five years you understand the challenge I created for myself.

I was successful in my quest and here is what I learned. Every retailer carrying maternity clothing will have a tiny assortment of cute maternity swimwear. The colors are very limited, lots and lots of black. Whether the bathing suits these retailers carry can be described as affordable maternity swimwear depends on your definition of affordable. I had a tough time finding a bathing suit for under $70. Not only that, but I felt that many of the styles I found wouldn’t grow with me through the duration of my pregnancy and many didn’t even fit well now.

To increase your chances of finding cheap maternity swimwear that you will actually enjoy keep the following in mind:

-Your belly bump is not the only part of your body experiencing exponential growth. When trying on maternity swimwear keep your growing cleavage in mind. If you are lucky enough to be well endowed, beware of strapless bathing suits. There is no way your puppies are staying in there later on in your pregnancy!

-Many online stores have very flattering and budget friendly maternity swimwear. The key to buying online is knowing ahead of time what styles and sizes flatter your body shape. Check out a couple of maternity clothing shops and try on different bathing suits to get an idea of what you like so that you can make quick decisions when shopping online. Be sure to read reviews! I ended up purchasing a bathing suit that properly fits my hard to fit cleavage because other well-endowed pregnant women left reviews about how well the suit fit.

-Have you heard of Zulily? Zulily is an “online store offering daily sales events on top-quality apparel, gear and other goodies for moms, babies and kids. We carry the best brands at the lowest prices. Members enjoy savings of up to 90% off retail prices”. I’ve now ordered inexpensive maternity clothes from Zulily several times and I can’t say enough about how great my experience has been. Two words of caution: Zulily doesn’t accept returns and in exchange for getting top quality and style for 90% off, you will have to wait for weeks to receive your order. Zulily offers tons of awesome options when it comes to maternity swimwear!

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