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Finding Flattering Motherhood Clothing

July 09, 2013 − by Becca Daniels − in Maternity Clothes, Stores, Wardrobe − Comments Off on Finding Flattering Motherhood Clothing

There is a lot of icky stigma that surrounds motherhood clothing. Many women associate becoming a mother with losing the ability to dress in a fashionable manner and becoming frumpy. Fortunately with just a bit of effort, this does not have to be the case. Sure, as you become pregnant your body shape will change. And yes, chances are that after your baby arrives, you will not have as much time to work out. However, entering motherhood does not banish you to 18+ years of style disasters.

Have you ever heard of TLC’s long running show “What Not to Wear” where Stacy London and Clinton Kelly gave pitifully dressed people makeovers? This show together with its fabulous hosts taught many dedicated fans how to dress appropriately for each body style and size. Have you ever noticed that in some outfits you look and feel great while others make you want dig a whole, crawl into it and die? There is a reason for that! There are rules that apply to dressing appropriately. Flattering Motherhood clothing is not exempt from these rules. So when shopping for your changing body type, keep these in mind:

  • Invest in properly fitting bras! Saggy “girls” will ruin your entire look no matter what you wear over them! Your chest shape and size changes dramatically during and after pregnancy so be sure to get measured by a qualified associate.
  • Shop for clothing that is appropriately sized. So many ladies out there wear clothes that are too small!  Sure the smaller size on the label might make you feel better but those double boobs that are sticking out of your shirt make you look ridiculous. Tight clothes aren’t the most appealing and neither are super baggy ones. Things you wear should fit properly. Otherwise why not just cut a whole in garbage bad and wear that.
  • Motherhood clothing or not, getting dressed is all about balance. If your hips are slightly larger and out of proportion with your top half, create balance by wearing straight cut pants and a top that balances out your bottom half (for example a blazer). If your cleavage is out of proportion with your bottom half or your tummy is your problem area, consider tops with empire waste lines.

The above bullet points are easy enough to follow and should keep you in flattering motherhood clothing and away from feeling like a frumpy mommy.

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