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Finding Flattering Maternity Work Clothes

October 22, 2013 − by Becca Daniels − in Maternity Clothes, Online Shopping, Stores, Wardrobe − Comments Off on Finding Flattering Maternity Work Clothes

Dressing your baby bump for an office environment can presents many challenges. First of all, not all pregnant women want the whole office to know they are expecting right away. Secondly, having to find affordable and flattering maternity work clothes can be quite daunting unless of course you are lucky enough to be able to wear scrubs to work. It took me a little bit of time to get into the groove of wearing comfortable, camouflaging and flattering maternity clothing to my office job. So today I am sharing my tips and tricks to dressing your belly bump for success at work.

First of all, you have a bunch of stuff in your pre-pregnancy closet that you will be able to use when creating your flattering maternity work clothes wardrobe. Blazers and cardigans may not button on you but they do create a nice straight line that not only slims you, but will also camouflage your belly nicely. I had a pre-pregnancy blazer that I wore over nice maternity blouses to meetings the week I was due and some people in the meetings never found out I was expecting. Those clothes camouflaged my belly in such a way that to an untrained male eye, I may have looked a bit overweight instead of pregnant. For more ideas on starting to build your bump wardrobe, check out: 8 Clothing Items in Your Pre-Pregnancy Closet that Convert to Great Maternity Clothes.

Once you have some nice blazers and cardigans in place, it’s time to look for dresses and blouses that will fit in well underneath. Once again start by consulting your pre-maternity wardrobe. Tops and dresses with empire waistlines are usually great at accommodating and hiding a growing baby bump for some time. If you are not ready to buy maternity pants, consider extending the life of your current pants with a bella band or with the rubber band technique.

Once you DIY maternity pants trick and pre-pregnancy empire waistline tops no longer fit, it’s time to go shopping! As always, the first place I recommend for mommas-to-be is Zulily. Designer brands at up to 90% off the original cost? Yes please! Other places where you will find suitable maternity work clothes include Ann Taylor Loft, Figure 8 Maternity, Ingrid and Isabel as well as ASOS.

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