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Finding Cool Maternity Clothes

October 12, 2013 − by Becca Daniels − in Deals, Maternity Clothes, Online Shopping, Stores, Wardrobe − Comments Off on Finding Cool Maternity Clothes

Believe it or not, cool maternity clothes do exist! My mom constantly reminds me how lucky I am because when she was pregnant with me, shapeless dresses covered with tablecloth print were your only option for maternity wear. I am so grateful maternity fashion has come a long way!!!

Zulily: You’ve seen me talk about Zulily over and over again. They really do deserve that much attention! Who doesn’t love designer clothing and accessories for up to 90% off? This includes maternity wear, women’s clothing, goods for the home, clothing and toys for babies and kids. Beware, shipping takes a while and returns are not accepted.

H&M: I’ve been a huge fan since college. Back then their website wasn’t all that useful and the only location in Minnesota was at the Mall of America. Not to mention, they didn’t carry maternity wear. I know it sounds crazy but I still have a handful of items from H&M that I bought back in the day and still wear now (when I am not hiding a bowling ball under my shirt that is). H&M recently launched an awesome retail website and they now offer a generous variety of cool maternity clothes! I wish this happened earlier on in my pregnancy but, better late than never.

ASOS: Asos.com is the UK’s largest online retailer providing a wide variety of current fashion and beauty trends. They offer men’s and women’s clothing as well as cool maternity clothes. Their inventory comes from over 850 brands along with their own renowned in house brand.

These three places are a great to start updating your wardrobe. As you shop don’t forget about Target. They carry Liz Lang’s maternity line. Most of the time Liz Lang’s maternity lines are right on the money for style and comfort. Keep in mind you will always find more color and size options on target.com.

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