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Figure 8 Maternity Review

January 26, 2014 − by Becca Daniels − in Maternity Clothes, Online Shopping, Reviews, Stores, Wardrobe − Comments Off on Figure 8 Maternity Review

Not all maternity clothing stores were created equal! I mention Figure 8 Maternity on my blog from time to time so I thought it was time for me to devote a whole post to reviewing this particular store.

Figure 8 Maternity is one of my favorite maternity clothing shopping destinations although I wouldn’t consider their offering to include many inexpensive maternity clothes options. They actually carry a variety of quality pregnancy wear designers such as Ingrid & Isabel. Their offering is organized in a way that makes shopping easy to the consumer. If you find an item you want to purchase but your preferred color/ size isn’t available, you can sign up for an e-mail alert that will update you when your color/ size is back in stock. How handy is that!?

Figure 8 Maternity offers a variety of “Infinite Fit” options. Purchasing “Infinite Fit” products is a great way to stretch your pre-natal and post-delivery clothing budgets because these clothes are designed to fit you during and after baby. Let’s face it, once you deliver, you will not be the same size you were before baby. Personally, I am not a fan of investing into a transitional wardrobe so I love stylish items that fit well during and after. So if you look at Figure 8 Maternity’s offering as getting you through pregnancy and the post-pregnancy weight transition- from that stand point, the items they sell aren’t really that spendy. This store also offers free shipping, 5% loyalty credit on all purchases, as well as frequent promotions. Sign up for their e-mail list to find out about sale and clearance events. They actually offer the most non-invasive e-mail subscription I have ever seen! Their newsletter sign up asks when your baby is due so they can stop sending you e-mails when you are no longer in need of maternity clothing. I got an e-mail from them shortly after my son arrived letting me know that my subscription is expiring and I can re-sign up if I am interested. I have nothing but utter respect for this tactic!

What I don’t love about Figure 8 Maternity: They are an online store so you can’t try anything on. They make returning items very easy but who like to bother with that? Unfortunately, if you want to shop for maternity clothes exclusively in brick and mortar stores, your clothing options will be extremely limited. I recommend learning what types of styles flatter your pregnancy shape and then looking for those online. Also, make sure to check sizing charts meticulously before purchasing online. These practices should eliminate the majority of issues that result in having to return items.

All in all, Figure 8 Maternity is an awesome place to shop for pregnancy and sometime even post-delivery/ nursing clothing. They make online clothes shopping more hassle free than any other place I have ever shopped. Check them out and let me know if you agree.

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