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DIY Baby Bib with Pocket

November 05, 2013 − by Becca Daniels − in Baby Shower Ideas − Comments Off on DIY Baby Bib with Pocket

If you’ve been following me at  Inexpensive Maternity Clothes for a while you know that I am a sucker for projects that involve creating practical, handmade keepsakes for baby. This is another one of those projects! I love this baby bib not only because it’s cute and will be cherished for a long time but also because it’s beyond practical. If you’ve ever held a baby you know that babies spit up a lot! Most bibs only catch some of the spit up while the rest of it cascades down the baby’s outfit. This baby bib has a pocket which means that not only will it be great for when baby starts eating solids, it’s also very useful for infants. When spit up happens, I frequently wonder if more came out then went in. You can find the instructions for this baby shower gift idea here.

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