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Where to Find Cute Maternity Bathing Suits

September 07, 2013 − by Becca Daniels − in Maternity Clothes, Online Shopping, Stores, Swimwear − Comments Off on Where to Find Cute Maternity Bathing Suits

As if finding the perfect bathing suit wasn’t stressful enough, now your challenge is to find one that will accommodate your growing baby bump and not make you feel like a beached whale when you wear it. Luckily there is a wide variety of maternity swimwear available both online and through many of your favorite maternity clothing retailers. The first thing to consider when starting your search for a maternity swimsuit is how you plan on using it. Finding a cute maternity bathing suits for the beach is different than finding a functional bathing suit for doing laps in the pool.

Regardless of whether you are looking for a beach bathing suit or one for the pool, here are some things to consider. Regular bathing suits can be quite spendy. Cute maternity bathing suits are usually even more expensive so you definitely want to find a bathing suit that will accommodate your changing body through the duration of your pregnancy. This way you can invest into one good swimsuit and avoid having to buy more just to get you through a temporary time period. Remember that your chest and baby bump will continue to grow through your pregnancy so plan accordingly.

Two piece suits allow for quite a bit of flexibility during your pregnancy. Swimsuit bottoms are actually pretty easy to pick out. Look for whatever style you like as long as the piece’s band lands bellow your belly. Think low rise. This way, no matter how your baby bump grows, your swimsuit bottoms will always fit quite comfortably. Swimsuit tops can be a bit trickier. As I already mentioned above, your chest will keep growing. Look for tops that fit you well now but aren’t too tight so they can accommodate your growing cleavage. If you are interested in something like a tankini, be aware that later on in your pregnancy your belly’s shape and size will render most of your current maternity tops too short. Keeping this in mind, look for tankini tops that are extra-long or extendable.

Here is a list of places that offer cute maternity bathing suits that are also not extremely spendy.


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