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Beating the Summer Heat in Style with Flattering Maternity Clothing

August 09, 2013 − by Becca Daniels − in Deals, Maternity Clothes, Wardrobe − Comments Off on Beating the Summer Heat in Style with Flattering Maternity Clothing

In the recent weeks, temperatures all across the country have reached near record highs. Everyone is frantically adjusting their wardrobe choices to cooler yet still stylish options. Don’t get me wrong, I hail from the lovely state of Minnesota where we were still shoveling snow in April. I welcome this temporary heat wave. At the same time, I am also well into my third trimester and my body feels like a convection oven before I step into the sauna that is the outdoors. Here is where the balancing act comes in. How do you stay comfortable in the summer heat while at the same time stylishly flaunting your growing baby bump?

Dresses are practically a wardrobe staple when it comes to stylish summer maternity clothing. Luckily there are many styles and options currently available through a large variety of retailers. Minis, maxis and everything in between are not only in style, they are also super comfortable! I love wearing dresses but I have to admit that when the heat wave first hit, I was skeptical about many of the dresses I tried on. As many pregnant women, I am self-conscious about my changing figure and was worried that many of the dresses I tried on made me look like a tent. The first dress I actually fell in love with was from Target. This casual number has a bold tie-dyeish pattern from the waist down. It’s actually great at camouflaging my growing belly bump and very flattering. Once I figured out what style I liked and what actually looked good on me, I searched for work dresses with similar attributes. Oh and speaking of dresses, did you see the $29 maternity dress Kate Middleton was spotted rocking around town before the royal baby arrived? That woman has some major style!

Cool and breezy tops are another summer maternity clothing staple. Look for fun tops that are made out of breathable fabrics and have a little extra room. I find that as my pregnancy progresses, I start feeling more and more claustrophobic in my clothing. It’s not that my clothing is too tight, it’s that my body is uncomfortable and feels constricted. When trying on tops, consider that as your belly grows, many of the tops (usually the cutest ones you own) will get too short. Make sure to get a variety of lengths so that you don’t wake up one morning and find that you literally have not t-shits that fit.

When it comes to stylish yet cool maternity bottoms, shorts are always an option. They come in many varieties and fabrics some of which can be easily dressed up or down. Shorts have never been a clothing item I loved. Personally I love linen capris. They are comfortable, airy and can be easily dressed up or down. Maternity styles are available at a handful of retailers. This summer I bought a couple of pairs at Motherhood.

Last but certainly not least when it comes to staying cool and stylish in the heat are shoes. The further you progress into your pregnancy, the higher the chance that your feet will swell. Hot weather guarantees that they most certainly will swell. On top of that, your center of gravity changes drastically as your baby bump grows. You need shoes that will support all of the changes and let your feet breathe. Flip flops are a short term solution. Most styles do not have adequate support and will hurt your already maxed out legs and back. Look for stylish sandals that provide arch support with some cushioning.

Check out a list of my favorite retailers where you can snag some great deals on flattering maternity clothing styles for the summer HERE.

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