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8 Essential Items for Creating a Versatile Maternity Wardrobe

May 06, 2013 − by Becca Daniels − in Bras, Jeans, Maternity Clothes, Shoes, Swimwear, Wardrobe − Comments Off on 8 Essential Items for Creating a Versatile Maternity Wardrobe

You will be wearing your maternity clothes from early on in your second trimester to several months after your baby is born. Your body will be going through plenty of changes that will cause emotional stress. Some of this anxiety can be easily eliminated by creating a maternity wardrobe that makes you feel good about yourself. There is no need to get crazy and shop like a maniac. All you need are some inexpensive maternity clothes to get you going.

Well-Fitting Bras: This is a huge one!!! Poorly supported cleavage can ruin any outfit. There is nothing more embarrassing than having your chest hang down way too low or having double boob syndrome because your bra is so snug its pushing all of your business out. As breast size will change several times through your pregnancy and then again after you deliver. This is no excuse to walk around looking like you let yourself go. Go to your favorite bra shop/ maternity store and make sure to get a fitting with a knowledgeable associate. Since your bust size will change a few times, consider hitting the clearance rack and only getting a couple bras of the size you need.

Comfortable T’s and Tanks: Look for long t-shirts and tanks tops. They will shrink as your belly grows. These are great layering pieces that you will wear on a daily basis.

Maternity Jeans: You will wear these frequently so get a couple of pairs. Consider getting a pair of dark wash maternity jeans since they are incredibly easy to dress up for date nights and events.

The Belly Band: Get one of these in a neutral color. The Belly Band resembles an elastic band that you slide over an unbuttoned pair of pants. It holds everything in place and is essential to keeping you in your current pants for the majority of your pregnancy.

Wrap Dress: These dresses are great because they will grow with you through your entire pregnancy. Get a color/ print you really love and you will be able to dress up the outfit with a cardigan and a great pair of flats or wedges for a more formal setting.

Cardigan: Cardigans are great for taking any casual outfit up a notch for work or any kind of formal event. Plus worn unbuttoned, cardigans are great at camouflaging that growing basketball in your belly.

Bathing Suit: Whether you are a swimmer or not, well-fitting and supportive maternity swimwear is essential. You never know when you will be going out of town or just want to visit your local pool to cool down. Attractive and affordable maternity swimwear can sometimes be pain to find so this isn’t an item you want to be scrambling to find at the last minute.

Comfortable Shoes: As your belly grows, your center of gravity will shift and your ligaments expand making you prone to the kind of clumsiness you have never experienced before. Your feet will also swell quite a bit in the third trimester. This means that your favorite boots and stilettos will not only be impractical and potentially dangerous, they also may no longer fit on your feet. Don’t worry about looking frumpy. There are plenty of reasonable and good looking options available. Look for flats and roomy open toed sandals.

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