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8 Clothing Items in Your Pre-Pregnancy Closet that Convert to Great Maternity Clothes

May 07, 2013 − by Becca Daniels − in Bras, Maternity Clothes, Underwear, Wardrobe − Comments Off on 8 Clothing Items in Your Pre-Pregnancy Closet that Convert to Great Maternity Clothes

I am willing to bet that with a touch of creativity you will find plenty of items in your pre-pregnancy closet that you can wear during your pregnancy. This is a great way to use the items that you already have in conjunction with inexpensive maternity clothes to build a wardrobe you enjoy wearing that doesn’t break the bank.

-Sports bras are usually stretchy and more forgiving than your usual bras. You will find yourself enjoying them more frequently than you actually attend the gym. As your cleavage expands you will find that you need some extra support when you go to bed. Sports bras provide great and very comfortable support.

-Under the belly underwear is going to become quite handy when you belly starts to expand. Instead of buying all new drab underwear, pull out all of your low rise favorites and enjoy.

-Tops and Dresses with empire waistlines are extremely flattering on growing bellies. Some of them are even great at camouflaging your baby bump. In fact many maternity styles offer empire wastes so if you have any in your closet, you are ahead of this fashion game.

-Any cardigans and blazers you own can be worn unbuttoned over maternity tops and dresses. Not only do these pieces make your outfit more formal, they are also great at minimizing the look of your growing baby bump. Blazers and cardigans are a great way to stretch a maternity outfit by turning it into multiple outfits.

-Pretty much any regular pants and short can be converted into maternity bottoms with the help of a Belly Band. The Belly Band is an elastic like item made out of fabric that slides over your unbuttoned pants and keeps everything in place and staying up where it should be. Belly Bands come in a variety of colors and are a very handy item.

-Got any low rise pants, leggings or skirts? Chances are you are going to be able to wear those during your pregnancy as well.

-Gym pants are stretchy. You may even have some low rise styles. These should fit you for a while.

-Last but not least, check out your partner’s side of the closet. He may have items like undershirts, t’s, sweatshirts and sweatpants that will have plenty of room for you and your mini-me while keeping you cool and comfy. These can definitely make great maternity clothes, so be sure to check them out.

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