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6 Things No One Tells You about Having a Baby

May 07, 2014 − by Becca Daniels − in Maternity Clothes, Nursing, post-partum − Comments Off on 6 Things No One Tells You about Having a Baby

Before I had my son, I was convinced that I knew everything I needed to know about babies. I nannied for many years and read a lot of resources when I was pregnant so I felt confident in my knowledge and skills. Yet still, there were a handful of things that were beyond surprising…why had no-one ever told me that I would experience this hell?!?!? So I thought I would share my bringing baby home surprises here with you.

  1. Baby sleep is COMPLICATED! You’ve heard over and over again that all babies do are eat, sleep and poop. Well it turns out that getting your baby to sleep and sleep soundly is both an art and a science. If you don’t prepare yourself and start training your baby to sleep well right away, you might wind up with a baby who needs to be bounced to sleep on a giant workout ball. Your back will be searing in pain but once you put the baby down (even if she/ he is soundly asleep) baby will wake up and scream until you resume bouncing. This happen to me… I’m not creative enough to make crap like this up. Please do yourself a favor and educate yourself on baby sleep. Here is an amazing, free resource that saved my sanity when trying to figure out my son’s sleeping problems: My Baby Sleep Guide.
  1. You only need a fraction of the baby stuff you thought you were going to need. Review this list to save yourself money: 13 Baby Essentials that are a Waste of Money.
  1. Your hair will fall out. Pregnancy hormones gave you luscious locks and now you are going to lose them. This doesn’t last forever, 4-6 months and it will be ancient history. I heard about this phenomenon when I was pregnant but I had no idea about all the awful emotions I would experience. Each time I would be washing my hair in the shower, huge amounts of hair would come out into my hands. It’s startling and scary.
  1. Your body will get used to sleeping for only interrupted 6 hours per night. If you are anything like me, when baby starts sleeping longer stretches, you will get excited about all the extra time you now have and fill what could have been extra sleep time with chores.
  1. You will have friends and family that come over to “help” so that you can eat/ shower but instead they will need to be entertained. The best way to avoid this unnecessary awkwardness is invite them to visit you and baby in the hospital during regular visiting hours. Talk to your nurse about gently kicking out the visitors after a short visit.
  1. You will still wear your maternity clothes after baby arrives. Many women are doing it!

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