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5 Baby Feeding Supplies that are a Total Waste of Your Money

May 16, 2014 − by Becca Daniels − in Maternity Clothes, Nursing, post-partum − Comments Off on 5 Baby Feeding Supplies that are a Total Waste of Your Money

As parents we feel compelled to provide our kiddoes with the very best that we can. As a result, the baby products industry has gotten really smart about selling sleep deprived parents lots of unnecessary baby items. There are approximately 4 million babies born in the United States every year. In 2013 alone, the baby products industry brought in over $23 billion!

A few months ago I wrote about my experience with newborn “essentials”. You can read it here: 13 Baby Essentials that are a Waste of Money. Now that my baby is eating solids, I am starting to learn where parents flush a lot of money down the toilet when it comes to baby feeding supplies. I want to start out by saying that I had nothing purchased for my baby’s solid feeding needs ahead of time and I am glad that I didn’t. The only things that I needed/ found useful:

–          High Chair: so many options here, you can get as fancy and as expensive as you want but why would you? I guarantee that your fancy new high chair will be sticky and covered in dried baby food in days. I like the plastic booster chairs that are available at Target for $30. These are safe, basic and don’t get ruined when you need to hose it out in the yard.

–          Plastic bibs: These will never look new ever again. Don’t bother getting too fancy. I really love this full body bib. I see them frequently on Zulily and finally purchased one a few weeks ago. I’m convinced this is the only bib your baby will ever need.

–          Plastic Spoons

–          Sippy Cups

Without further ado, _____

Baby Feeding Supplies That are a Total Waste of Your Money


  1. Food Storage Cups: You can easily spend over $20 per 6 pack of plastic baby food storage containers. Your ice cube tray and muffin tin are free! I line my muffin tin with plastic wrap, drop my home made baby food in and put the whole thing in the freezer. All you need to do later is pop the food out of the tray, and throw all 12 servings (or however many you made) into the same freezer bag. I love using the muffin tin because my baby tends to eat about the amount of each muffin cup. If I am on the go, I take the frozen meal and throw it into a small Tupperware container. Works perfectly, no special baby food storage solutions needed!
  1. Fancy Baby Bowls: I don’t see the need to even buy specialized bowls until baby starts feeding him/ her-self later on. I feed baby out of a regular bowl or whatever Tupperware his food was in. Haven’t broken one thing yet and everything is dishwasher safe.
  1. Baby Food Jars: I am talking about store bought baby food here. I don’t want to offend anyone but I have absolutely no idea why anyone buys this crap and feeds it to their babies. Making your own baby food is easy and very fast!!! You can pre-make a bunch of meals and freeze them to save time. Not only does the cost of these add up, can you even imagine the type of chemicals that have to be added to these jars to ensure shelf life? Here is an awesome article comparing cost per serving on home bade vs. purchased baby food.

Making your own baby food couldn’t be easier!!! Start by asking your pediatrician if he/ she has favorite baby food recipes/ books. There are also TONS of amazing baby food recipes out on the web. Consult our good friend Google. As your baby gets accustomed to eating solids, you can start offering his puréed versions of whatever healthy foods you are eating.

  1. Baby Food Pouches: I get it, these pouches make feeding baby on the go super convenient. You don’t need a bowls or spoons. Again, I can’t even imagine how many extra unnecessary preservatives your baby ingests with this option. Also, these pouches are expensive. The good news is that several online and brick and mortar retailers sell reusable pouches that you can fill with home-made baby food. I ordered mine from Zulily, my favorite place to purchase high quality baby stuff at a deep discount. More on that here if you are interested.
  1. Baby food steamers/ food processors: I see so many crazy expensive baby food makers that are just overhyped versions of regular kitchen gadgets you probably already own like immersion blenders, food processors and steamers. Why would you pay extra money for a Baby Bullet? My $30 immersion blender is the only special gadget I use to make baby meals.

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